Swimming Pool Inspection Services Brooklyn, NY

Swimming Pool Inspection includes inspecting the Physical conditions of the pool structure, interior, and materials—and the deck

Typical wear and tear on a Swimming Pool may be easy to see. However, an expert will know what to look for in terms of deterioration. The Home Inspector can identify and assess the necessity and likely cost of making repairs or replacing certain materials.


You will also want to assess the line-up and condition of the equipment that runs your potential Swimming Pool.

Now, during a Swimming Pool inspection you can’t take equipment apart. But you and your Home Inspector can take it out for a test drive. Turn on all of the systems, and observe them at work.

Check if the parts on each component are secure. Listen for any that makes unusual noises that may point to mechanical issues. Do the systems appear to operate correctly by creating the desired effect, such as water circulating or lights activating?

The chief pieces of Swimming Pool equipment that warrant you and your Home Inspector’s close attention are those that operate key functions: the pump, filter, and if present, a heater.

Other features and accessories

If the Swimming Pool has other optional design, comfort, and convenience features and upgrades, you will want to review them thoroughly. Whether it’s tanning ledge or alternative purification system, you want the condition examined. Here are some typical features and accessories.

  • Swimming Pool with a spa
  • Automatic Swimming Pool cover
  • Automation
  • Remote control and/or remote platform
  • Diving board or slide
  • Water features
    • Fountains
    • Bubblers
    • Laminars
    • Deck Jets
    • Cascades
    • Spouted
    • Waterfalls
    • Grottos - Provide flowing liquid flourishes to any pool.
  • Infinity edge
  • Multicolor LED lighting
  • Advanced sanitizing technology

Equipment systems, infrastructure, and backyard conditions

A variety of other conditions and systems can affect an in ground swimming pool. And inspection may uncover other issues or factors for you to consider.

Supporting the pool equipment and its overall operating are electric runs and plumbing lines.

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