How Tri State Home Inspection Helped A Client Solve Their Moisture Problem

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As InterNACHI-certified home inspectors based in Brooklyn, NY, at Tri State Home Inspection, we take great pride in meeting the diverse home inspections needs of our clients. Our forte lies in providing comprehensive and detailed home inspections, which is what our clients most appreciate about us. 

However, every now and then, we come across clients that require us to churn out immediate and practical solutions. At such times, we rely on our past experience, problem-solving approach, and logical thinking to ensure our clients overcome challenging situations. Besides, we derive immense joy in helping clients get to the bottom of a problem. 

Keep reading to learn more about how we helped a client solve their moisture problem. 

The Challenge: The client could not identify the source of moisture in their home.
Many homeowners today have to deal with moisture and humidity in their home. Unfortunately, if it isn’t cleared out immediately, the build-up could turn into a serious problem.

We were recently approached by a client who had a moisture issue in the basement but could not figure out where it was coming from. The accumulation of moisture caused mold and fungal growth, which posed a serious threat to their health. It also deteriorated the condition of their basement area.

The Solution: Breaking open part of the sheetrock to confirm suspicions of moisture. 
Upon arriving at their home, and after thoroughly inspecting their basement, we discovered that the area in question was sandwiched between two bathrooms. The water pipes carrying the hot and cold water for both bathrooms ran behind that wall and had sprung a leak.

After going through the possible logical options and giving it some thought, we realized that the solution was simple – we had to get behind the wall! With the owner’s permission, we broke open part of the sheetrock and confirmed our doubts within an hour of beginning our investigation. 

The Bottom Line
If you have a similar issue or need an expert to perform a mold inspection, consider enlisting the services of a home inspector, before it gets worse. As a leading home inspection company in Brooklyn, NY, at Tri State Home Inspection, we can detect signs of mold or presence of moisture that are hidden or not easily visible to the eye. Our home inspectors inspect every structure meticulously and provide an independent easy-to-read home inspection report.

While we provide mold inspections, we also perform standard home inspections, termite inspection reports, and radon testing services across Brooklyn, Rockland County, Lakewood, Jackson, Passaic, and Howell.

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