Busted! Don’t Believe These Home Inspection Myths!

Daniel Elkon |

Home Inspection Company in Brooklyn

Through a home inspection, home inspectors analyze every aspect of a house right from the structure to ventilation quality. They test the plumbing, electrical wiring and other components of a home and conduct checks of the basement to the roof. Subsequently, they generate a report to make you aware of the misgivings of the house and the urgency to address them.

 Unfortunately, while most people are aware of the advantages of a home inspection, the perennial presence of misconceptions and false facts deter them from taking advantage of an inspection. In most cases, they rue the lost opportunity to identify issues before they moved into a home. 

 At Tri State Home Inspection, we want to help you to steer clear of these misconceptions and make an educated decision on the home you are about to purchase. To help you do so, we have debunked three of the most widely believed home buying myths!

Myth 1: A home inspection is not needed before you purchase a home.

This misconception has been perpetuated primarily because people look at hiring a home inspector as an added expense while purchasing a home. The fact is that charges paid to a home inspector to assess your potential home more than offset the costs you will incur if you don’t do so. Professionals can accurately identify any deficiencies with the house you intend to purchase which enables you to either ask the seller to fix the issue before the purchase or reduce the purchase cost.  

Myth 2: A home inspector cannot help you with how to run your home functionally.

The false truth is that a home inspector cannot offer additional benefits in how to functionally run your potential home or derive any gains because a home sells for what it is. However, to use an analogy, any house is like a used car, and most homeowners aren’t familiar with what makes the home run. A homeowner must be aware of issues no matter how trivial to optimize the functionality of their home. By availing the services of an expert, you will be made aware of any and every issue that exists along with categorization of the urgency as high, medium or low to prioritize the fix.    

Myth 3: If a home inspector is in the industry for a long time, it proves that they are good at the job.

The fact is that this myth is a mixed bag. A home inspector who has been in the industry for a long time and has not allowed his or her services to deteriorate is definitely good at the job. However, some home inspectors have been in the industry for long but have allowed their skills to wane which leads to inadequate service quality. Also, many home inspectors operate unprofessionally by working more towards satisfying the target of the realtor who recommends them rather than the needs of the customer who pays them. You must hire the services of a home inspector who has a proven track record, is detailed, organized and places your best interests above all else.

You can steer clear of these myths and gain the benefit of detailed, organized and expert advice at optimal cost by reaching out to Tri State Home Inspection.

As an InterNachi-certified home inspector based in Brooklyn, NY, my team specializes in providing standard home inspection services along with termite inspection reports and radon testing services for clients. With extensive knowledge in building and construction, we inspect every structure meticulously and provide an independent and easy to read report to help you make better decisions. ‘Customer first’ is the guiding light in service delivery to our customers.

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