Common Mistakes People Make Before Closing on a Home

Daniel Elkon |

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Home inspectors know more about houses than most other people. Applying engineering principles and their knowledge of construction, they examine previously owned homes for defects or new builds for code compliances. It is never a bad idea to get them to assist with the inspection of a house before finalizing a deal. They are best suited to tell you if the biggest investment you are going to make is a prudent one or not.

Home inspectors do this through their knowledge of electrical systems, building codes, and testing equipment when reviewing and inspecting houses. Unfortunately, either due to lack of knowledge or to cut costs, home buyers give carrying out a home inspection a miss. As a result, when the deal is completed, and they move in, they are left surprised by the defects and issues that exist.

To help you avoid being greeted by a nasty surprise, Tri-State Home Inspection put together a list of the most common mistakes people make before closing on a home, and why you should avoid them.

1. Not getting a home inspector.

People usually rely on either the homeowner or developer for information about the house. They should do their due diligence on getting current facts that professionals look for. You have to realize that homeowners usually want to sell the house, first chance they get. They might tell you positives, but hold back on the rest. Developers, on the other hand, might not always know enough about the house or might hide some of the downsides to save their reputation or brand before a sale.

2. Getting a family friend or contractor to inspect your future home.

People believe that they are either handy and repair homes for a living, so they should know what to look for. Customers should be aware that professional home inspectors follow State Standards of Practice to guide them when inspecting a home. This is to make sure they cover all potential issues with a house and don’t just follow a random checklist. By hiring a professional home inspector, you will make an informative decision on the purchase.

3. Enlisting the services of a lower priced home inspector.

Clients generally believe that any home inspector is a good home inspector. On paper that should be the case, but in reality not all inspectors even with many years experience are patient and prudent in their jobs. Good home inspectors follow through a home inspection from the first phone call to any questions you may have after receiving the report as well.

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