Common Mistakes People Make When Getting A Home Inspection Report

Daniel Elkon |

Home Inspection Company in Brooklyn

As you prepare to make one of the most significant purchases in your life, it is essential that your investment is a well researched and educated decision. Most home buyers rely on the services of a home inspector to help them make this decision.

However, a vital part of a home inspection is the final home inspection report, as it pinpoints all the problems with the house. It also helps you address any known issues and understand how to maintain the house.

Unfortunately, several clients discard the findings of a report and are then caught unawares by issues that crop up. To help you avoid such nasty surprises, Tri State Home Inspection has listed two of the biggest mistakes people make when getting a home inspection report.

1. Not reading the report.

Many times people get the home inspection report but do not read it. They may take only a cursory glance at the inspection report. The reason might be that it has too many pages, photographs or is time-consuming. However, customers are paying for the report and should consider that the report is there to provide the information needed to make a conclusive decision. 
The best way to correct this mistake is to navigate the report via its index. Better still if you ask the home inspector to sit with you and go over the report at length. 

2. Not attending the home inspection.

Attending a home inspection is not mandatory, which is why people do not always show up for the home inspection and are not familiar with the issues found with a house. They make this mistake because they believe the report will bring them back to the time of the inspection. However, your presence during the home inspection will help you clearly understand the report sent to you later by the home inspector. The best step to correct this mistake is to ask the home inspector how much time it takes for the inspection and plan accordingly to be present for the home inspection.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Tri State Home Inspection. Our InterNACHI certified home inspector based in Brooklyn, NY, has more than four years of experience in home inspections, and along with that we also have extensive knowledge of building and construction. We are fully certified and insured, and inspect every structure thoroughly. We also provide termite inspection reports and radon testing services to our customers across Brooklyn, Rockland County, Passaic, Lakewood, Jackson, and Howell.

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